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Flexible Sign Letters

Pre-Assorted Sets

Flexible letters are silk-screened onto thin-gauge .030” clear panels. These letters are as thin as a credit card, very bendable and only for use with ground level portable signs and Flexible letter track.

Flexible Letters are NOT COMPATIBLE WITH Wagner Zip Change or Gemini Pronto Flat Letters.

Flexible Letters are inserted by hand into tracks by bending into a C-shape and will often bow or curve out of the tracks, creating a very tight fit. This helps prevent the letters from blowing out so easily. Clear panels are 1” taller than printed letter unless noted otherwise.

Each pre-assorted set contains black letters, red numbers and a variety of punctuation in both colors. CHARACTERS ARE NOT SOLD INDIVIDUALLY.

Bold style offers a rounded shape font and is the most readable style.

SIZES: 2”, 3”, 4”, 6”, 8” on 9, 8” on 10, 10”

COLORS: Black Letters w/ Red Numbers

Size (count)Price
2" on 3" (299 pc)$ 50.40
3" on 4" (270 pc)$ 54.60
4" on 5" (273 pc)$ 75.60
6" on 7" (288 pc)$ 89.80
8" on 9" (312 pc)$ 138.40
8" on 10" (301 pc)$ 210.60
10" on 11" (310 pc)$ 230.10

Number of sets:


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