Our Brands: Wagner Gemini

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Flexible Sign Letters

Pre-Assorted Sets

Flexible letters are silk-screened onto thin-gauge .030” clear panels. These letters are as thin as a credit card, very bendable and only for use with ground level portable signs and Flexible letter track.

Letters are inserted into tracks by bending into a C-shape and will often bow or curve out of the tracks, creating a very tight fit. This helps prevent the letters from blowing out so easily. Clear panels are 1” taller than printed letter unless noted otherwise.

Each pre-assorted set contains black letters, red numbers and a variety of punctuation in both colors. CHARACTERS ARE NOT SOLD INDIVIDUALLY.

Condensed style offers a narrow shape, allowing a few more letters on each row.

SIZES: 6”, 8”

COLORS: Black Letters w/ Red Numbers

Size (count)Price
6" on 7" (279 pc)$ 77.90
8" on 9" (300 pc)$ 94.90

Number of sets: