Our Brands: Wagner Gemini

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Gemini Slotted Arm

Slotted Letter Changer

Readerboards using dimensional slotted sign letters can be changed from the ground in half the time needed with ladders. Aluminum pole with rubber-tipped edges is designed to grab the letter like your fingers.

Using the pull the chain that runs through the pole, you can open and close the “fingers”, lifting the letter off the tracks.

POLE LENGTHS: 8’, 10’, 12’, 14’ and 16’

This item ships as an "over-sized" pkg due to its dimensions.

8 ft Slotted Arm$ 290.00
10 ft Slotted Arm$ 308.00
12 ft Slotted Arm$ 323.00
14 ft Slotted Arm$ 341.00
16 ft Slotted Arm$ 352.00


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