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Spanning Sign Panels

For Flat Letter signs

Double spanning numbers are creative ways to advertise specials! These plastic panels will fit most signs that use either 6” or 8” flat sign letters. The panels “span” over 1 track to create prices that are 2 rows tall, adding emphasis to your message and grabbing your customers eye!

Using individual numbers to create your price point allows you to change your price easily by simply changing a number. Changing a price from $2.49 to $2.99 only requires replacing the 4 with a 9.

This cost-effective method makes changing price points easy and only requires a small inventory of spanning numbers.

Other price points include double and triple-digit prices. Word plates are also available. Please call for prices on our stock items or for quotes on custom products.

12” on 14⅞” panel (fits signs using 6” letter on 7” panel)
17” on 20⅞” panel (fits signs using 8” letter on 10” panel)

Colors: Red individual numbers on clear panels

CALL FOR PRICING/QUOTES – Items are not available online, must
be ordered via phone.

See more information on our Wagner and Gemini products.
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