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Suction Cup Assembly

Replacement suction cup assemblies fit the Wagner® Zip Changer with a blue plastic ratchet.

Replacement Ratchet is also available.

Self-releasing wire eliminates need for pull string.


Small (2”)
Regular (3 ¾”)
Jumbo (7”)
Double (2 of the 3¾” on 1 head)
Ratchet only

small cup$ 18.00
regular cup$ 24.00
jumbo cup$ 70.00
double cup$ 76.50
ratchet only$ 11.00


Sign letter changer poles have suction cups on the end to help you change your flat plastic marquee letters from the ground. These extension poles are for outdoor marquee signs and reader boards using rigid letters like Wagner Zip Change, Zip Lite and Gemini Pronto and Moonglo letters. Letter Perfect offers 3 brands of poles: Wagner Zip Changer, Mr Longarm and the Gemini Pronto Change Arm as well as replacement cups for each brand.

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