Our Brands: Wagner Gemini

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Gemini Pronto™

Gemini Pronto letters
are made with UV-
cured ink and molded
“feet” which prevent
letters from freezing
in the reader board
Tracks. Use Pronto
letters on marquee
signs with flat copy.

ADM style has a bold
stroke, is a rounded
style font and is the
most readable style!

ADM letters can be
used with the Wagner
Zip Change brand
Standard Solid font.

Individual Letters

Pre-Assorted Sets
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Gemini Pronto™

Pronto sign letters are
for outdoor marquees.
Gemini letters are
printed on clear, flat
panels, 080” thick and
used on signs with
changeable letters.

The AD is a 3-D style
font that gives these
letters a beveled look.
The dotted pattern is
a bit harder to read.
100pc minimum order.

Gemini’s AD style
pattern is the same
as the Zip brand
Standard Halftoned.

Individual Letters

Pre-Assorted Sets
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Gemini Pronto™

Gemini Pronto letters
are for readerboards
and marquee signs
with changeable copy.

The Modern style font
by Gemini is a boxy,
square-shaped letter.
This Pronto style is
harder to read and
is not recommended
for a new letter style.
These are the same
look as Zip Modern.

These are flat sign
letters that you push
up and drop down
into the sign’s track.

Individual Letters

Pre-Assorted Sets
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Gemini Pronto™

Condensed style sign
letters by Gemini are
a 30% narrower font.
Compact style allows
more letters on each
row than other styles.

Pronto letters are
printed on flat, rigid
plastic panels for
reader board signs.

Buy individual letters
or get a pre-assorted
set and replenish your
inventory of letters.
These letters are the
same shape as Zip
Change Condensed.

Individual Letters

Pre-Assorted Sets
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Wagner Zip Change flat, rigid sign letters use screen printed inks on clear thick plastic panels and are for use on outdoor reader boards and marquee signs. Zip Change letters are clear coated to help protect the ink from peeling and fading. Letter Perfect offers several styles and many sizes of these changeable copy letters for your readerboard. To change sign letters from the ground, check out our Zip Changer, Mr Longarm or Pronto Change Arm extension poles with suction cups.

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